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Rourk Traynor


William Galvez
Irrigation Specialist


Nick Nelson
Landscape Designer


Tara Peterson
Administration Assistant


Donna O’Connor
Accounts Receivables

About Us

Founded in 2000 by Rourk Traynor, Living Assets began as a tree care service company focusing on plant health care, tree pruning, and turf care. Over the years, the company has grown exponentially to encompass every facet of property maintenance and enhancement, including the complete design and implementation of pools, saunas, masonry, outdoor kitchens, play spaces and more. Today, Living Assets is one of the foremost high-end property management companies in the tri-state area; our projects have been featured in many publications.

Our senior staff is an award-winning group of professionals, highly skilled in their respective fields. Thus, in addition to new landscaping projects we continue to offer a full range of tree, plant, and turf care services to keep our clients’ properties healthy and beautiful.

About Our Team

Rourk Traynor


Rourk has a B.S. in Natural Resource Management and a minor in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University. He worked at the Colorado State Forest Service in Golden, Colorado before joining one of the largest tree care companies in the Northeast as a plant health care specialist. Rourk rose quickly through the ranks, ultimately becoming an award-winning salesman before opening his own company, Living Assets, in 2000.

In addition to his training as an arborist, Rourk attended the New York Botanical Garden’s School of Landscaping to acquire an in-depth understanding of grading, surveying, and smaller plants. He has also had the privilege of working with renowned black bear researcher and professor, Dr. Roger Powell, at North Carolina State University, studying black bears in the Blue Ridge Mountains’ Pisgah National Forest.

Rourk is well known and admired throughout the horticulture industry; he has been a featured guest speaker at many garden clubs, community gardens, and schools in the tri-state area.

William Galvez

William’s area of expertise is irrigation — a component that is critically important to the ongoing health and beauty of any property. He joined Living Assets in 2010 as a landscape foreman, working hand in hand with Rourk on a broad range of projects. During that time he learned everything there was to know about the relationship between plants, turf, landscape, and water, and has since carved out a key role in the company.

Nick Nelson

Nick is an award-winning landscape designer who has helped us create an impressive portfolio of completed projects. He has extensive architectural training and a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Design from Cobleskill College, SUNY. Nick’s creative eye and unmatched design skills have transformed properties of every size — from modest front and back yards to large-scale landscapes. His proficiency in project implementation and management ensures that we always meet our customers’ highest expectations.

Tara Peterson

Tara is our indispensible office manager, bringing nearly 20 years of legal and real estate experience to Living Assets. She oversees all of our operations and manages our customer support services.